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Tip - If you can't scroll back to see previous text, just resize your browser window a tiny bit.
Tip - There are many channels to chat in. The Welcome! channel you first enter is often very busy. Try another channel using the .list command to find one and the .join (channel name) to go there.
Tip - Sometimes after you type in your nickname, you will see Connecting... and nothing happens. If this happens to you, click HERE and try again.

Commands always start with '.' or '/'.
.quit to leave
.msg (nick) (text) to send a message
.help for this help page
.who [(channel)] to see the who list [of (channel)]
.whois (nick) to get information about user (nick)
.me (action) to emote
.list for the channel list
.join (channel) for joining/creating a channel
.users for a list of users on the server

Please get a Java capable browser!

After logging in - Type /help for chat help commands!

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