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As you can see this is just a simple list of some of the PalmPilot sites I go to. I'll get it cleaned up sometime soon.

The Links

3Com/Palm Computing - Palm's home site.
Airborne Palm-Pilot Page - The Airborne Palm-Pilot page. Dedicated to those who have dropped their palm.
Backupbuddy - BackupBuddy is the most affordable, simple, and complete backup solution available for your Pilot. With a few simple pen taps and a HotSync you can produce a complete backup of your Pilot. You can
also use it to perform scheduled as well as transparent incremental backups.
Bill's PalmPilot Page - Klondike, FreeCell, Sokoban, Blocks, and Graffiti Help.
Card Catalog: The Source for PalmPilot Content -
Calvin's PalmPilot FAQ Table of Contents - Everything you want to know about the Palm. Frequently Asked Questions. General Questions Hardware Questions Software Questions Tips/Hints
DaggerWare Home Page -
EuroCool - The 3Com Palm Pilot and IBM Workpad Site ... PalmPilot freeware, shareware, and commercial software
Jeff's Pilot Stuff - Tricorder II, GolfSolitaire, Blackout,Biorhythms, and a bunch more
Keith Packard's Pilot Stuff -
LaunchPad Page -
macOS palmpilot - -
Tapped - Tapped Magazine
PalmPilotGear H.Q. -
PalmPower Magazine - -
Ray's PalmPilot Software Archive -
Steve's Pilot Tech. Page -
Tale Light -
T.J.'s Palm-Pilot Download Page -
Undocumented Pilot -

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