11/29/66 Big Boy Pete 11/21/85

(Don Harris, Dewey Terry)

[Revised version uploaded by Alex Allan - alex@acsa.demon.co.uk]

The joint was jumping on the corner down on Honky Tonk Street,
All of a sudden up pulled a Cadillac and out stepped a cat named Pete.
A diamond on every finger, he wore a tailor made suit,
He smoked a black cigar, he wore a Stetson hat,
He wore a pair of cowboy boots,
Busted on through the doorway, mad as he could be,
Don't mess around, I'll cut you down 'cause my name is Big Boy Pete.

The music stopped, there wasn't a sound,
Over in the corner stood Bad Man Brown.
Brown smiled and grinned, he said my friend
If you take two steps further, I'm going to do you in
Pete said look here buddy,I know I'm going to tan your hide
I got a fourty five, keeps me alive, got seven bullets on my side

Brown pulled a knife, jumped on Pete,
Fought from the counter right on out to the street.
They swung from north, they swung from south
Brown cut that black cigar right out of Pete's mouth
Pete hit the ground, he yelled and screamed
Then he took his Stetson hat and fleed the scene

If you're ever down on the corner, down on Honky Tonk Street,
Don't mess around he'll cut you down,
Take a lesson from Big Boy Pete.

some substantial amendments to the passages beginning
'Brown smiled and grinned' and 'They swung from North'
plus a few minor changes

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