Don't Let Go (Jesse Stone), first performed by Roy Hamilton

Hear that whistle, it's ten o'clock
Come on baby, it's time to rock
I'm so happy I got you here
Keeps me grinnin' from ear to ear


This feelin's killin me
Aw Shucks
I wouldn't stop for a million bucks
I love you so
Just hold me tight and don't let go

Thunder lightnin' wind and rain
Love is poundin' inside my brain
I'm so eager I'm nearly dyin
You been keepin' your lips from mine

(Repeat refrain)

Hound dog barkin' upside the hill
Love is draggin him through the mill (yeah)
If it wasn't for havin' you
I'd be barkin' and hollerin' too

(repeat refrain)

One day baby you'll quite me yet
I'd be cryin and soakin wet
One thing baby I'll never stand
Your lips kissin' some other man

(repeat refrain + fade)

Editorial note:

Despite the obvious 50's attitude towards womyn, this song
is really catchy. It was done in '57 by Roy Hamilton and covered by
several others before JGB did it. I think the reason I like it is the
"love as drug" feeling one gets from it. That is- this guy is in the
grip of a reaction he can't control.

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