Help On the Way


Paradise waits
on the crest of a wave
her angels in flame

She has no pain
like a child she is pure
She is not to blame

poised for flight
wing spread
bright spring from
night into
the sun

don't stop to run
she can fly like a lie she
can't be outdone

tell me the cost
I can pay
let me go
tell me love is not lost
sell everything
without love day to day
insanity is king

I will pay day by day anyway
Lock bolt and key

Crippled but free
I was blind all the time
I was learning to see

Help on the way
Well, I know only this
I've got you today
Don't fly away
cause I love what I love
and I want it that way

I will stay one more day
Like I say, honey it's you
making it too
without love in the dream
it'll never come true

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