Operator, can you help me,
help me if you please.
Give me the right area code
and the number that I need.
My rider left upon the midnight flyer,
singin' like a summer breeze.

I think she's somewhere down South,
down about Baton Rouge,
But I can't remember no number;
a number I can use.
Directory don't have it, central done forgot it,
I've gotta find a number to use.

Try'na check out her number,
try'na run down her line.
Operator said that's priv'ledged information,
and it ain't no busines of mine.
It's floodin' down in Texas, poles are out in Utah,
gotta find a private line.

She could be hangin' 'round a steel mill,
workin' in a house of few lights.
Ridin' a getaway bus out of Portland,
talkin' to the night.
I don't know where she's goin', I don't care where she's been,
long as she's been doin' it right.

Long as she's been doin' it right.

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