Picasso Moon


South of Maket in the land of ruin
you'll find all manner of action,
tinsel tigers in the Metal Room,
Stalking satisfaction.
They got'em packaged up for love and money
tattooed tots, and chrome spike bunnies
check my conscience at the DMZ
and roll on it, gonna roll in it honey
the place is packed, ceiling to floor
who's that behind the iron door...
jet black and hot to the core?
and what is she trying to show me?

Picasso moon, shattered light
diamond bullets ripping up the night
picasso moon, mirrored ball
we're just dancin'...ooh, just dancin'
in the middle of a mystery.
we're just dancin', ooh, just dancin'
play me an opera, had enough o' T.V.
we're just dancin'...ooh just dancin'
bigger than a drive-in movie.
Bigger than a drive-in movie to me...

hanging ten on space and time,
redefining distance.
the next skull on your necklace is mine:
cheap for such assistance.
I see your face printed on my money,
you really know how to move me, honey!
Beckon me with your thirteenth finger
why'm I laughing? this shouldn't be funny...
dark angel, what's bothering you?
so strange you do me all that you do
dark angel, you're making me blue
I guess it doesn't matter....

Picasso moon, a yang and a yin
melt together when the spinnin begins.
Picasso moon, liberated me
We're just dancin'..ooh, just dancin'
reflected splinters from a shoreless sea.
we're just dancin'...oooh, just dancin'
life's infinite diversity
we're just dancin'...ooh just dancin'
dissolving to a ball of energy,
dissolving to a ball of energy.

Strikes the morning, atomic dawn
scramble back to cover.
Quick, pop, your mirrored sunglasses on
my little leather-winged lover.
I had a job tradin' bits for pieces,
we'd make wrinkles, advertise them as creases,
please find my resignation enclosed,
gonna roll with it, roll in, roll on...
we'll make a scene on the boulevard.
you know between us it shouldn't be too hard
what does it mean? can we take it too far?
I don't presume to imagine...

Picasso moon, fractal flame
blazing lace filling every frame
Picasso moon, wheels withing wheels
We're just dancin'...ooooh, just dancin'
don't try to tell me that this ain't real,
we're just dancin'...ooh just dancin'.
don't want to hear how I oughta feel,
I'm gonna dance what the music deals...
I"m gonna dance what the music deals

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