Ol Slew-Foot**

(W Hausey and E Manney)
[Played 7 times by the Dead in 1969]

Uploaded by Alex Allan - alex@acsa.demon.co.uk

This is the song transcribed as "Bear Tracks" in the lyrics file.
The lyrics below are taken from the sheet music which I found some
time ago - based on the recording by Porter Waggoner.

It's just about recognisable as the lyrics in the archive!
But I don't have a tape of the Dead doing this, so it needs checking!

High on the mountain, what do you see?
Bear tracks, bear tracks, looking back at me
You'd better get your rifles boys before it's too late
The bear's got a little pig and headed through the gate

Oh he's big around the middle and he's broad across the rump
Running ninety miles an hour, taking thirty feet a jump
He's never been caught, he ain't never been treed
Some folks say he looks a lot like me

I saved up my money and I bought me some bees
They started making honey way up in the trees
I chopped down the tree but my honey's all gone
Ol' Slew Foot's done and made himself at home


Winter's coming and it's twenty below
The river's froze over so where can he go
We chase him up the gully and run him in the well
And shoot him in the bottom just to listen to him yell


[Pretty nasty, that last verse!]

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