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Woke up way after midnight, people
Just a little while, a little while before day
I could find no satisfaction
Turned my pillow to where my baby lay
I knew I was in a strange old town then
My sweet little angel she's so far away

Now I ain't got no friends here
Ain't got no, no good place to go
All my friends are back home
And I can't, I can't go there no more
You know I done just a little bit wrong
And I can't go back no more

Take me back baby
I can't help it if I need you so
Well I've been a bad man darling
But I won't, I won't get drunk no more
But if you did not did like you do
Baby I wouldn't have had to go

I'm coming back baby, baby I'm coming home
I'm coming back baby, baby I'm coming home
The way I love you darling
You've got to, got to know

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