Wave 2 Wind

Gonna wave, gonna wave, gonna wave to the wind
Gonna wave my way, my way on thru the wind
Gonna wave, gonna wave, gonna wave to the wind (above 3 lines are Chorus)
Gonna wave my way to places that I never have been
Gonna wave to the people that I see at the side of the road as i wander on by
Wave goodbye to the trouble that's always on my mind
Gonna jump start my life to go down flyin'
Gonna wave to the memories I carry in my heart and the new ones I find along
my way
Gonna wave to the ???? that's east of the bay like a ??? or a dark bird of
prey (?)
Gonna wave my way to the edge of the world and jump in
Gonna wave to the thunder, the wind and the sea, When the lightening cries(?)
out of the wind
Gonna wave to the river that (gathers with the stream?) and the mountains
that rise above the bay
Wave farewell to the falsehoods that staked me to the ground for so long I
forgot that i could fly
Gonna wave to the sidewalk (I'm talkin' with my name??????) in the new(?) of
Gonna wave my way from the ??? ???? in
Gonna wave like a banner, ?? to the breeze and the ocean ?? to the ??
I can hold out forever just keepin' it together
???????(unintelligible line)
Lift my voice for the young man ??? the war who was born on the forth of July
Gonna stand and deliver ?? ?? ?? ?? to the high wide burnin' sky
To the stars in the sky, the ?? that ?? like a hill
Gonna wave to the summer, where dreams were discovered, where ?? ??? to the
Gonna wave to the light at the close of the night turnin' out of the (dark
Casting hope to the hopeless, the helpless and the homeless, the soul of
earth and ??
Gonna wave till my arm grows weary in the socket, gonna wave till I can't
wave no more.
Gonna speak to the breeze, add my voice to the wind,
Say "Oh say can you see by the dawn's early light screamin' in?"

WHEW! As I said, this is one version, there is a different one out there too
cause they revised it, this may be the old version. You also notice, there
are still some lines I can't make out cause Phil needs to improve his
Diction!!!! I'm sure many folks can improve on this, but I'd figure I'd give
it a shot, lame as my attempt is. Scott has the new version and says the
lyrics are good. I hope this helps at least a little bit!

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